About the Artist

Raised in Colorado, Krysten Koehn spent her adolescence immersed in the landscape of the Rocky Mountains. It is this landscape and her experiences therein, coupled with consistent itinerancy, that have critically formed her person and practice and surface frequently in the content of her work. 

Krysten is currently a practicing artist in the Amsterdam area, where she has lived since 2015. She previously lived and worked between New York and France after completing her MFA in Painting and Printmaking at the Yale School of Art in 2013. Prior to this, she realized a BA in Photography and Fiber Design (2001) and an MA in Art Education (2007). The subsequent four years brought her overseas, first to Kuwait then to Switzerland, where she worked as an artist and art educator. Her current work is heavily process-based, examining themes of the body within the landscape, transience, trajectory, and the assimilation of her body into her immediate context through physical activity.

Ultimately, Krysten aspires to create work that expands awareness by offering a view of her specific experience of the world. Her work places this experience into the context of a greater whole in which individual viewers can find their own experiences and from which they can draw stimulus for embarking on their own while remaining accountable to the ensemble of humanity.


Artist Statement

Our bodies are the only way we have of making sense of the world and everything in it: we experience, understand, and affect everything that is outside of us only with our physical faculties. There is no other way. Wherever I am, I am always in my body. Sometimes, it seems to fit into its surroundings--I feel embraced by a harmony and a congruence with a place. But other times a place feels disparate, like I am only situated on top of a landscape rather than folded into it. There is a lack, or a surplus of some indefinite thing. At these times, my body calls for a reconciliation through making. 

An itinerant life has helped me grasp the magnitude of my existence, showing me that it is possible to affect the world outside my own body. (As my world expands, I begin to realize the scope and potential of my existence in it. That is, my world starts to become the world). Consequently, I think a lot about merging into my environment. In some contexts this convergence happens naturally, but others require a negotiation in order for me to establish coalescence with my surroundings. It makes sense to me to find harmony with a place through action. Feeling and navigating that place with my body. Allowing the exploration of that place through specific sensual trajectories. Using my physicality to push into the world around me and allowing it to press back. At times this manifests in the recontextualization of personally familiar objects or actions into an environment I otherwise find inhospitable. In other instances it transpires in a reversal, merging or interpenetration of the traditional roles of the body and the landscape. But always, this harmony is established by the action of bringing into existence something that did not exist before.

My work comes out of a strong awareness of an absence. I am an artist because the world is incomplete, because I need something I can’t find without creating it myself. I want to puncture the boundaries of art so that it more easily seeps into the world and into everyday existence. We need art in order to have a truly authentic experience of the world, to feel alive, and to realize our own agency to affect our personal landscapes. 




2013    MFA, Painting and Printmaking, Yale School of Art

2007    MA with Distinction, Art Education, Studio Emphasis Painting, University of Northern Colorado

2007    Post-Graduate K-12 Visual Art Teaching Certification, University of Northern Colorado

2001    BA, Visual Art, University of Northern Colorado

1998    Period of Study in Visual Art, University of Colorado



The Arctic Circle Residency, 2014

Shortlisted for International Emerging Artist Award, 2014

Yale Art Gallery Wurtele Gallery Teacher Fellowship, 2011-2013

Lockwood Grant for Visual Arts, 2011-2013

William and Mary Burch Grant for Education, 2005-2007

University of Northern Colorado Graduate Student Grant for Visual Arts, 2005-2007

Fred Meyer Fellowship for Excellence in Drawing and Painting, 2001

Augusta Klavon Oyster Scholarship, 2001


Solo exhibitions

2013     MFA Thesis Exhibition 

             Green Gallery at the Yale School of Art; New Haven, CT, USA

2010     Enlevée d’Experience

             Galérie Marianne Zanolla; Vauvenargues, France

2007     Compartments of Experience: Graduate Thesis Exhibition

              Oak Room Gallery; Greeley, CO, USA


Selected group exhibitions

2015    Season 2

            MPSTN; Chicago, IL, USA

2013    What Have You Done For Me Lately?

            109 Gallery; Brooklyn, NY, USA

2012    Comprehensive

            Green Gallery at the Yale School of Art; New Haven, CT, USA

            Shadows Through a Prism

            109 Gallery; Brooklyn, NY, USA

            MFA 2013 Exhibition

            Green Gallery at the Yale School of Art;  New Haven, CT, USA

2011     La Peinture Fraîche: Yale School of Art First Year MFA Exhibition 

            Green Gallery at the Yale School of Art; New Haven, CT, USA

2008   Reuse 2.0

            Bayt Lothan; Kuwait City, Kuwait

2006   University of Northern Colorado Student Exhibition

            Mariani Gallery; Greeley, CO, USA (awarded best of show)

            University of Northern Colorado Student Art Gala

            Tointon Gallery, Greeley; CO, USA

            Points of Departure

            Oak Room Gallery; Greeley, CO, USA